Proper Role of Governement
There is increasing unrest among citizens about federal spending and programs that unfairly obligate and burden Idahoans. As a member of the legislature I will advocate for the rights of our state as guaranteed by the constitution. I further believe that in order to preserve our western way of life, bring good jobs to Idaho, and enjoy the benefits of a strong economy, our state must respect the rights of individuals.

Economic Development
The effects of the recession have been felt across the nation. In Idaho, revenues have dropped nearly 25%. Much discussion has been and will be held on how to bridge that gap. I firmly believe that raising taxes is not the answer. Future strength of state revenue streams is dependent on a business, industry, and agricultural environment that promotes strong economic development and stable employment opportunities. We must move forward with the mindset that the private sector, not the government, will be the catalyst that leads us to economic recovery and enhanced revenue for the needs of government.

Fiscal Responsibility
We are fortunate that Idaho is mandated by law to have a balanced budget and therefore doesn’t fall into the trap of deficit spending. As difficult as is has been to deal with a funding stream that has been compromised, it would be selfish to leave future generations with the financial problems spending money you don’t have creates. I also believe Idaho business owners and residents are not currently positioned to accept more tax burden. We must continue to live within our means, spend wisely, and work hard to build on Idaho’s economy.

Education Funding
Our public education system, like all other state funded agencies has felt the effects of a 700 million dollar loss of revenue. It has been well documented that education was the last to be cut and I will be a strong advocate that they will be the first to have funding restored as soon as possible.