The pin that never dropped

January 24, 2015

There is no way the packed-house crowd should have been able to hear it. It just made no sense. It was Saturday night at the movies and the few hundred people exiting the theater were doing so in unusual post movie script. There was no hustle or hurry or crowding, but perhaps most impressively? There was no talking. The rows filed out silently, respectfully, reverently, one person at a time, one row at a time.

The truth is, a pin never dropped, but had it done so? Well, I believe we all would have heard it. We had just seen the movie American Sniper, a true story based on the life of Navy Seal Chris Kyle. Though it is not my intent to play movie critic, it was one of the best movies I have ever watched. Other opinions may vary but I can say with some confidence I don’t believe anyone asked for their money back.

They claim that up to 90% of all communication is non verbal. Last Saturday during the few minutes it took to exit it was all done that way. I don’t recall seeing a single person there that I knew. So how is it that so many quite strangers filled me with so much emotion? I believe it was simply one of those moments where circumstance locked us all in the silent reflection of appreciation. The example was powerful and spoke volumes about how passionate people are about our nation.

Like others, I thought about how proud and fortunate I am to be an American, and how grateful and appreciative I am of those who serve. We cannot possibly thank the men and women of our armed forces enough. I looked around at all those who work diligently every day in military and civilian life to make things better for others.

Men and women doing all kinds of jobs, overcoming all kinds of challenges, as they embrace the very concept brave members of the military fight for everyday. It shattered any notion that people don’t care. The collective breath taken by the crowd was nothing short of a spontaneous stop and smell the rose’s moment. Suddenly I was not concerned with anything in life other than just drinking in the moment, being grateful, and an incredible desire to do better. What a nice departure from the everyday crazy treadmill of life.

While it is unlikely I will ever forget the move, I am certain I will never forget the way the crowd reacted. The example they set as they silently conveyed such optimism, pride, and respect for our country was overwhelming. Nobody spoke it but everybody said it. We love the United States of America. God Bless this Nation, our freedom, our right to choose, and especially those who offer up everything in order for that to continue.

Idaho State Journal 1/24/15